Public Branding With Personal Feelings

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Here’s an interesting project to take a look at. It seems like it would be anyone’s ultimate project to work with a brand that you’ve enjoyed at an earlier stage in life. There are those brands in life, large or small, that seem to resonate and bounce around in our heads for a lifetime. For me it would be Melvin’s, a hamburger spot in my hometown in North Carolina. The designer of Jones Fish & Chips, Andreas Neophytou, lived above this restaurant for seven years and worked there for much of that time. Andreas wanted her personal memories and connection with Jones to influence the direction of the brand and probably much more so than the normal designer would for just any project. Andreas opted to create varying designs and logos for different elements used within the branding. It’s a smart stroke and it helps create a perceived legacy for the place. While some brands and their designers are trying to create vintage as subtly and as quietly as possible, Jones’ branding reflects a smart decision and enjoys the benefits of it. I particularly love the calligraphy-like flows of the circle J logo. With touches of red, it has a dramatic flowy effect and it’s nice to look at.






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