Retail Beer Store Branding

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As beer grows in popularity, more and more retail beer shops are popping up all over, many with a craft/micro focus. Tasty Beverage Co. is one such shop, located in Raleigh, North Carolina and Jaime Van Wort did much of the branding. They feature a wide-range of beer selections as well as wines, local meats and cheeses and high-quality sodas. I love the bottle cap logo. It’s well done and really attractive to look at. The immediate presentation is pretty and it’s sweet and it draws people in. On the other hand, I wonder how many customers see this branding and think something other than beer. This is a fine line Tasty has decided to walk and I’m sure generally it’s a smooth one, but that’s something that must have been a major consideration through the course of this branding project. That aside, the branding is extremely solid. It’s got personality. It’s got an old-school feel, a tribute to the old soda fountains, but of course they’re serving a more adult-suitable drink. On the feminine/masculine scale, this job certainly leans toward masculine with darker wooden elements and racing stripes. There’s a subtle charm and friendliness to this brand that isn’t an accident and that’s the true beauty of it.
















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