El Amigo’s Friendly Meats Branding

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With a name like El Amigo, it has to be friendly. A safe assumption is that’s the first thing brand makers Imaginaria checked off their list when considering where to begin with El Amigo. It’s a meat market with a significant Hispanic customer base, so it needed to be identifiable and relatable to those potential customers without being offensive, dumbed-down or inappropriate. I think they did a really great job with this work. It’s highly tailored since the job was just to create an identity and accompanying stationary, but El Amigo received a great homage to the past with a playful and respectful brandmark. The entire line has a community feel with the detailed imagery of the meat showcasing quality. It’s a welcoming place; the kind of place their potential customers will embrace. It’s a smart brand job catering to exactly the right clientele.


Amigo_BC_1338788158_1433 Amigo_Stationery_1338788158_5862


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