Salad Pangea’s ultra-modern branding

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Salad Pangea, a NYC fast casual salad concept, is simple and clean. It’s marked by modern style geometric shapes combined with a uber-thick serif type treatment. That’s about as far as the classic style goes. From the interior design of the restaurant throughout the menu system, Tag Collective‘s work for Salad Pangea is simple, modern and no nonsense. It’s an exercise in functionality. The people at Tag describe there work:

Its first location is in the Flatiron District, home to food savvy, fast-paced Manhattanites looking for a moment of escape from their daily routine. Salad Pangea offers that moment, with a diverse menu and an array of exotic ingredients you wouldn’t find at just any salad spot.

Everything is designed for optimal functionality with an international design aesthetic; from the brand mark and pendant lights to the finish of the wood.













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