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What can I say about Anagrama‘s work that hasn’t already been said? They truly are top notch and have found a way to maintain their level of design throughout every project. The brand identity design for Amado by Hyatt is their latest bomb of design awesomeness. Amado is a Mexican bakery and candy boutique launched by Hyatt. The design takes inspiration from two Mexican creatives: Amado Nervo’s poetry and the modernist style of Mexican architect Luis Barragán. Their approach for pulling inspiration from these two artists is best explained on their site:

Our branding proposal takes the two iconic Mexican minds and their fellow characteristics to create a visual solution that takes the fine art of traditional artisan bakery to a new contrasting level of modernism that guarantees the brand to stand out among others. The intention was to avoid falling into typical Mexican clichés. Instead, it creates a sophisticated idea in which the graphic sense translates the visual language from the XVIII century into a contemporary innovative solution that is based on a vivid color palette and novel printing finishes.

Overall the design works. It’s so fresh, new and memorable. I’m not a big fan of the typography, but where that falls flat, the rest of the identity more than makes up for it.















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