Blue Plate Restaurant Co Branding & Marketing

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Blue Plate Restaurant Company is the parent of a group of 8 restaurant concepts in the St. Paul, Minnesota area. As the parent, they felt compelled to find a new way to give to the communities they served in a concerted philanthropic effort. But like with most things, just doing it isn’t enough. It’s how it was done. The create partners at Duffy came up with a brilliant idea to democratize the process with the Blue Plate Fuel Good Machine. A literal machine where folks could use voting chips to vote for their charitable cause after dining at one of the restaurant concepts. This smart, interactive method got people interacting with the brand as well as the cause.

The brand identity for the restaurant group was a simple, but literal visual interpretation of the name, Blue Plate. A hand-crafted smooth script typeface alludes to the hand-crafted nature found in their restaurant concepts. This is anchored by a strong, sans-serif, modern type family that creates an orderly, clean feel.

Beautiful work, and stellar design thinking by Duffy Partners.













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