Hello 2016, the updated Grits X Grids

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Hello Everyone! With a new year comes a new beginning… or at least a new look. Raise your coffee cups (if a shot isn’t handy) to new beginnings. (Yeah, that’s me and my squad with Danny Bonnaduce) That’s right, these fancy, schmancy new digs are pretty darn awesome. It’s a little more advanced than GXG v1.0, but all for the better. Here is a quick summary of what’s new besides the obvious design and layout.

  1. We’ve opened GXG to the beverage world which includes craft beer, wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages. It just makes sense. I mean, what’s better than a delicious steak with an earthy red followed by a stiff Scotch? I can’t think of anything. That means we’ll be accepting submissions on those categories quite soon.
  2. We’ve also upgraded our advertising offering to something more robust and easier to manage. To date we’ve only used Google Adsense as a means to try to cover the cost of running this badboy (it ain’t cheap.) Now, we’re looking to up the ante with more opportunities that allow us to target ads better. The idea is to serve up adverts that are at least semi-interesting to you personally and to get you to click them and buy something so we can put some scratch in our pocket. Help us… we’re poor.
  3. This layout is much more conducive to our projected growth and new ideas. Coming in 2016 will be a lot more good stuff. Besides more frequent updates, we’re looking at adding contributors, adding a store with some pretty badass stuff in it, and announcing my latest book project.

Keep up the support and please do share this with your friends. We’re trying to build a following here, people. Don’t be stingy and keep this beauty to yourself.


Joseph Szala
Curator & Designer

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