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Two things that really jumped out at me about the brand identity for Mosburg was 1. the color palette, and 2. the line art illustrations. Mosburg is a burger bar and restaurant located in Moscow, Russia. The name is a portmanteau of Moscow and Burger. Kind of fun, right?

Mosburg’s brand is a display of Russian icons made modern and fresh. As A–A says in thier description, their big idea was:

to collect the most significant images of Moscow in a recognizable style. Natural burgers can now be enjoyed not only on the streets of New York, but also in the heart of Moscow – Old Arbat Street in the bar “Mosburg.

The color palette is unexpected in a great way. The teal perfectly offsets the warm red which leads the charge. It’s happily not a cliche “russian” look although Russia was partially the inspiration.

The line art is well crafted, especially the way the designer translates complex landmarks and iconography into a simple, modern form. Quite well done and memorable.

Designed by A – A














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