CRAK craft brewery branding

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CRAK is a rebranding of Olmo, a craft brewery just outside of Venice, Italy. The company changed it’s name to CRAK which is an acronym for Creative Revolution, Alternative Knowledge; A bold stance with a clear vision. The brand leads the charge on communicating this mentality wonderfully. With clean lines, simple modern typography, and creative restraint, the rebranded look stands on its own as a fresh take on brewery branding.

Each label has its own attitude and feel while remaining rooted in the bigger brand vibe. This is where beer brand will start inching towards as the classic style with illustrations and cluttered label designs is slowly fading away. The CRAK brand identity mixes in patterns wonderfully and without adding clutter. Instead, it adds a nuance of flavor to the design.

Designed by Carolina Cloos & Francesca Mezzetti of Dry Design

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