Season 1 / Episode 6: Jose Rosado with Creatives Against Depression

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Hi yall, thanks for tuning in this week. This month is themed “Horror Stories” and we tackle it with one of the most serious conversations to have today: depression. My guest, and friend, Jose Rosado and I chat about creatives and some of the demons we face. We talk about how depression can creep up on you, and for some, it’s not a passing feeling, but a real life struggle and illness. He started Creatives Against Depression for this very reason. It’s a longer episode that expected, but every moment of it is important.

I know this is a heavy topic, but I urge you to listen and join the conversation with him and I on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or wherever. Together we can help each other and those who may be too depressed to reach out for help. I hope you gain some insight and understanding from this week’s episode. I hope you know that from the bottom of my heart and Jose’s (as well as many others) you are not alone. We’re here, and only a short message away.

I do hope you gain positive thoughts and ideas from today’s episode.


Show Notes:

Creatives Against Depression
Jose Rosado Photography
Angry Millennial Podcast
Finding Vivian Maier
Together We Got This – Nonprofit


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