Season 1 / Episode 7: “Scary Stories from the Design World” with Josh Miles

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When you listen to design media, or read through the trades, it’s easy to get a sense of design as a land of happy-go-lucky, rainbows and bunny rabbits, perfect world. Despite our undying love for this industry, it’s not always so wonderful. There are plenty of monsters around every corner that we must fight.

In our third episode of our month themed “Horror Stories,” we talk shop with Josh Miles of MilesHerndon and the podcast, Obsessed with Design. We talk about the good, the bad, and the funny. The stories of our past and our present. The things that go bump in the night.. and sometimes around 5pm on a Friday.

Don’t worry, we don’t leave you out to dry. There are plenty of ideas for dodging the bullets and winning the day. Enjoy!


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