Wild Heaven craft beer rebranding

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When Wild Heaven first launched it was clear that they knew beer. The taste was there, but the brand looked like it walked out of a how-to book on beer label design. It want’s bad, it just wasn’t worth a second look. That is until Gentleman came along and changed the game. Their rebrand of Wild Heaven took the design revolution started with their “Emergency Drinking Beer” packaging. The dropped the age-old rules of ribbonization and brand family to rethink what “family” really means. In their case, family meant allowing personality to exist for each beer style without constraint.

On the top level of the brand architecture is the brewery’s identity which was completely overhauled a few months ago. It’s a hand crafted typographical direction that has notes of classic typography while still being modern. It meshes perfectly with the packaging and overarching brand direction.

Designed by Gentleman

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