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On Rye restaurant branding

On Rye restaurant branding by Pentagram in Washington, DC

I waited a little bit to post this because there weren’t quite enough photos to share. It seems as thought the Pentagram team took a little trip and loaded up on some stellar imagery that gives a bigger view of the work completed for On Rye, a new fast casual sandwich concept located in DC.

The brand is a mix of minimalist typography and minimalist photography. They marry wonderfully allowing each element to sing across the brand’s multiple touch points. The no-nonsense approach to the design, a bit of a Michael Beirut signature, is a welcomed break from the pseudo-crafted, lo-fi design aesthetic that’s seemed to float to the forefront of restaurant design and branding these days.

Have a look through the full project and have a deeper read about the ins and outs here.

Designed by Michael Beirut’s team at Pentagram


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