Baco Shop restaurant branding

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For those who don’t know, a “baco” is part bao and part taco. It’s an open-faced bao bun with different food combos inside. Quite delicious. This concept is built on the baco as its premier item creating flavorful asian-inspired bacos that have me dying to try one. The concept takes a SoCal, beachy feel and pushes it forward with a modern twist. Highly geometric, soft color palettes collectively create a sense of order and approachability. When ask, Douglas Riccardi of Memo, explained the approach perfectly:

Brand storytelling generally aims to achieve one of two goals. Either to transport customers to a time and place or to create an emotional frame of mind for them. For BäcoShop we tried to do both: to bring customers to a strange, exotic land while at the same time encouraging them to relax and unwind through an approachable, clean, and thoroughly modern experience.

The sense of order in the design works excellently inside and outside the four walls to create a unified experience.

Visit Baco Shop

Designed by Memo
Interiors/Architecture by All The Bells & Whistles


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