Cha Li Boi yum cha & bar restaurant branding

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Squad Ink comes out swinging with a stellar looking brand identity for Cha Li Boi, a yum cha and bar. Yum Cha is a Chinese brunch tea and slang for “going to have dim sum.” This concept combines both meanings into a restaurant experience that’s a fresh take on the classic offering.

What strikes me about the restaurant’s brand identity is it’s purposeful dodging of cliché while keeping true to mnemonic devices of classic Chinese/Asian derivation. The Asian tiger is a commonly used device, but it’s coupled with modern typography that has slight allusions to the Chinese character set without being obvious and trite.

The use of bright, vibrant colors serves as a nod to Chinese celebrations which elevates this brand into a fresh, beautiful exploration of culture and design.

Designed by Squad Ink in Sydney Australia


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