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Top Knot is an Americanized modern restaurant with unique slants on Southeast Asian cuisine. The identity is an exercise in beautifully surgical design techniques threaded throughout all major touchpoints – interiors, print, and apparel. The vertical line device is pulled throughout conveying a sense of order and organization if not a slight nod towards slicing of food. Quite literally it’s a graphic representation of the exterior architectural blade-like elements, but when brought to the print realm it creates a wonderfully calm vibe.

The order created by the vertical line patterns is countered with the introduction of chaotic mishmashing of other patterns created from the restaurant’s core identity. This dichotomic design feature adds intrigue to pieces like the coasters and matchbooks as if to convey that underneath order is always some chaos.

Designed by Foda Studio in Austin, Texas

Creative Director: Jett Butler
Designers: Tom Ahn & Jett Butler
Web Development: Rob Bode, Talasan Nicholson & Niles Giberson
Architect: Michael Hsu Office of Architecture
Photography: Nick Simonite

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