Hubbly Bubbly is a fast-casual restaurant in Orlando, FL serving up falafels and shawarma-style chicken, lamb, and steak pita sandwiches. Interestingly enough, it was founded in part with the design firm that did its branding, Push. Partner and Director of Interactive Mark Unger started Hubbly Bubbly with his father-in-law, George, who you will see inspired their restaurants’ character-chef, Georgie. Being so intimately involved in the creation of a fast-casual concept, Push has several advantages: they get to maintain creative control over the output of the brand long-term, and Hubbly Bubbly serves as Push’s own research and development lab, a super handy tool to have when a good part of their own businesses are restaurants.

This identity is fun; the main logo is hand-drawn and avoids the obvious use of a ‘hand-drawn’ font by making sure each repeated character has its own look. The colors are bright and inviting and family-friendly, making it a very approachable brand for those who might not be as familiar with what a falafel shop is. The development of the Georgie character adds a relatable spokesperson for the consumer to identify with, and his illustration style nicely echoes the looseness of the main logo. From interiors to marketing materials, the brand voice is clear, consistent, and engaging. What I really love here is the hidden delights I’ve found while gathering photos for this post: the tower of falafels wobbles when you hover over it on the website’s landing page, and if you click on the crash-landed falafel near the bottom, Mr. T makes a surprise appearance.

Design and Interiors by Push.