Run Studio Run – New book by Eli Altman of A Hundred Monkeys

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Hey friends! Our pal Eli Altman just announced the Kickstarter for his new book, Run Studio Run. (Checkout our podcast episode with Mr. Altman here) The book is a step-by-step guide to teach small creative studios how to build their business muscles. It covers everything from fine-tuning your offering to hiring and besting your competition.

Creative people are often quick to point out that they aren’t business people. This is a dangerous lie. You’re running a business whether you like it or not. So you might as well figure out how to run a good one. Saying “I’m not good at math” doesn’t exempt you from the arithmetic we all do every day.

I asked Eli why he wrote the book and his response was priceless: “”I wrote this book because the vast majority of books I’ve read and resources I’ve found hadn’t been created with the creative community in mind. While some concepts and improvements fit right in, others felt out of place or needed to be adapted. I was surprised to find the ways in which running a creative studio was similar to running a law firm or a startup. I was not surprised to find the ways in which it was different. Workflows, hiring, the ways we interact with clients–all very un-lawyerlike. I wanted to dive into the specifics of what works for creative studios. It took a lot of persistence, consultation, and trial and error to figure out approaches that worked and didn’t compromise creativity.”


Suffice it to say, we think it’s going to be an amazing resource for all creatives out there. Stake your claim to the first run of this beauty over at Kickstarter here.

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