Don’t Call It That: A Naming Workbook (Second Edition)

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It’s been a few years since Eli Altman wrote the first edition of Don’t Call It That, and a few more since he published this followup, but one thing has remained constant: Brands need great names, and this book helps brands create them.

Mr. Altman has a lot of experience naming brands and he comes from a long lineage of brand names. In this book, he outlines how to identify a great name, and how to go about create/finding one.

The restaurant, food, beverage, and hospitality industries are highly competitive and as time marches on, finding a great name is becoming a bigger challenge. Altman’s framework and process will help any team charge ahead in creating that vital first step in any new business. But, naming is more than just for a company’s core identifier.

Naming principles can and should be applied to any product or service sold under the flag of a brand. Think of that new LTO for restaurant brand X, or what you call the new line of seltzers for beverage brand Y.

The fact is, naming plays a critical role in the success of a brand and its offerings. Throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping that something strikes you as brilliant is not the best path forward. Read this book, follow the steps, and you could spark a bit of naming genius in you and your team.

Favorite Quote

Do you want your first impression with your audience to be something that’s cool and interesting and helps you tell your story? Or do you want it to be something that sounds like everything else and gets ignored?

Three Takeaways

  1. Quick to read and easy to understand for middle school reading levels and above
  2. Available solely on Kindle, but still highly functional and effective
  3. Fantastic for those who are new to naming

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