This book was absolutely pivotal when I read it. It changed the way I thought about branding and brand strategy completely. I consider it an absolute must-read for anyone serious in the world of branding, advertising, and marketing.

We humans are attracted to stories and narratives. That’s something us branding folks know quite well. But what drives those stories? What makes them profound and sticky? What makes them effective for brands?

Until one understands archetypes and the role they play in our world and psyche, one can never effectively build a brand without a haphazard stroke of dumb luck. Archetypes give strategists and leaders a guide for crafting stories that stick with people’s desires. They’re that magic connectivity between what we create and do, and how people adopt it into their lives.

The Hero and The Outlaw is not a new book, but it’s information and theories remain profound year over year. Stories are timeless and what thought leaders have found is that all stories fall into similar journies that attract people at different stages of life.

I cannot suggest reading The Hero and The Outlaw enough. It will up your game and teach you to see the world through a new lens with the power to craft brands that dominate.

Favorite Quote

The meaning of a brand is its most precious and irreplaceable asset. Whether you’re selling a soft drink or a presidential candidate, what your brand means to people will be every bit as important as its function–if no more so–because it is meaning that tells us “this one feels right” or “this one’s for me.”

Three Takeaways

  1. This book is highly cerebral but easy to read. It’s lengthy and in-depth so plan to revisit it over and over again.
  2. Break out your highlighter because this book is chock full of information you’ll want to remember.
  3. This will become a mainstay on your bookshelf. It’s that good.

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