Sometimes a packaging design is so good you wonder if the brand will bring it across their whole identity and update everything about it. Maybe they will, maybe not. Seven Stills I’m looking at you, these bottles are gorgeous and I want to see that typography and color scheme on your website, in your brewery, and on the rest of your packaging. Evan Tolleson worked up a quirky design for Seven Stills Brewery & Distillery in San Francisco for their craft beer distilled whiskey line. I believe this direction was either a concept or just never came to surface for Seven Stills, if you know more about this project please give us a shout so we can correct our post.

The illustration of the dogs brings this simple and clean (and kind of pretentious) whiskey label to a friendlier side. The typography is neat, just how I like my whiskey, and the subtle pops of orange and gold bring an unexpected joyfulness to the brand. I’ve also never seen this textured bottle before, it left us in the Vigor office wondering if it was corrugated metal, a wood veneer or a bottle made of jerky for dogs. What do you think?