4 Saints is a hotel bar that perches on the seventh floor of the Kimpton Rown Hotel in Palm Springs, CA. The name 4 Saints comes from the four prominent peaks of Southern California, and you’ll see the mountains used as a design motif throughout the printed collateral, as well as an abstracted mountain icon made of four segments to represent each of the mountains. The lines of this icon are abstracted further, blown out as a pattern on coasters and even the lighting fixtures of the main dining room have a mountain-esque shape to them. The overall color scheme and feel of the interiors perfectly portrays simultaneously the feel of the mountains and the dessert that surround Palm Springs; the tans and golds representative of sand, as well as the rattan chairs in the main dining room conceptually referencing the desert and the lush green, abundant wood textures, and and even the leather on those same chairs referencing a lodge in the woods. Its a beautiful visual marriage of two very different environments carried across the design materials and the interiors.

4 Saints Branding, Graphic Design & Packaging by Farm Design.