-holic Branding, Collateral, and Packaging Design by Estudio Yeye

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We seem to accidentally posted about coffee-related brands for the third day in a row here at GXG, but hey, that’s ok. Coffee makes the world go round. Today we’re featuring that perfect pairing; coffee and donuts. I’m not sure if -holic is a real donut shop or a fun practice project by Estudio Yeye, but regardless I just had to showcase this unconventional donut brand.

They limit the majority of the brand to black and white, but that doesn’t mean the brand is lacking in any personality. It’s overflowing in it, using simple geometric illustrations and icons, along with some witty copy to relay the brand personality. Its cheeky and playful, and who can’t help but love and donut with eyes on it?

-holic Branding, Collateral, and Packaging Design by Estudio Yeye.

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