Limited Edition Johnnie Walker Whiskey Packaging by LOVE

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LOVE was tasked with creating a limited edition gift pack concept that reflected the history, complexity, and beauty of Johnnie Walker’s whiskey and appealed to a younger, more contemporary consumer. They collaborated with U.S. mural artist Tristan Eaton, who created a series of large and impactful artworks that blended his own unique take on popular culture with some inherent brand storytelling.Sit back, enjoy, cause these packages are a doozy. They are so intricate and imaculate that I could comb through them for a good long while, finding something new hiding in the silhouette of the Striding Man each time. Controlled chaos is a theme I think gets thrown around quite a lot, but this is barely controlled chaos. The illustrations are bursting at the edges of their canvas with a life of their own, and I especially love the details that capture their escapes; the coat collar on the Green label package is one example. Throw in some hidden touches of gold foil, and you’ve got me hooked. If I ever see one of these beauties at my liquor store, I am nabbing it.

Murals by Tristan Eaton. Packaging design by LOVE.



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