Anonymous Eaters is a restaurant concept that focuses on the feeling that sharing a meal with others brings. Memories are made, stories are told, and relationships are stoked around a table. It’s what makes working in this field so rewarding, for me personally, is being able to indirectly affect that experience. Anonymous Eaters, in a way, is a project that takes those warm fuzzy feelings of sharing a meal and adds a dark twist to it. There’s a certain sense of magic that permeates the atmosphere of a lively, unforgettable dinner, and that magic is dialed to eleven and turned into mysticism for this suite of graphics. Occult imagery, a predominantly black look, and a collage of illustrations that looks like something you’d find in a deck of tarot cards all come together beautifully here. I couldn’t find much information on the web about this one, but if I had to take a guess, this is the kind of restaurant whose ideal audience would be those who maybe indulge a bit too much in the magic of sharing a meal, and now they can’t get enough of it.

Anonymous Eaters Concept by Eduardo Ramon.