Kikori Whiskey Branding & Art Direction by Pentagram

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Developed from the ground up by Pentagram, the Kikori Whiskey brand is meant to capture the distillery’s location, history, and aspirational lifestyle in direct contrast to the modern “work till you drop” lifestyle. To illustrate this, they’ve turned to a contrasting Japanese folktale of Visu the woodsman whose obsession for his profession caused him to abandon everything he holds dear. The design uses the folktale as a reminder for people to step away from the rat race and focus on a genuine work/life balance. With a rich green sampled from their prized rice fields, a quiet sans serif typeface, and a back-label print of the folktale softly faded into the back of the bottle, the minimalist composition encourages the consumer to escape the noise of daily hustle and indulge in the rich flavors of this unique whiskey.

A drink and a story bound with subtle aesthetics. Wonderfully paired.

Kikori Whiskey Branding & Art Direction by Pentagram.


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