Season 2 / Episode 10: Von Glitschka

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I can’t remember exactly what piece of work attracted me to Von’s work, but I have followed him ever since. If pressed to recall, I’d say I’ve been a fan for about 15 years. Von has a wonderful, flexible style rooted in solid design principles. From sports-style logo designs to vintage illustrations he’s mastered many facets of creative expression that I quite excited to get into the nitty-gritty with him on an episode.

In this episode, I chat with Mr. Glitschka on what makes his tummy grumble, and what makes his brain chug ahead. We discuss is adoration for great coffee and his yearning for fantastic Texas-style BBQ. We also commiserate over his hatred of tater-tot casserole (sorry Mama Glitschka!) Von and I dig into his creative process and how he approaches the tough things that usually trip him up. This and so much more in this wonderful chat with my friend Von Glitschka. Enjoy!

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Creative South (
Franklin BBQ (
Sinister (

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