Season 2 / Episode 11: Scott Fuller of The Studio Temporary

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Today we chat with the brilliantly charismatic and always upbeat guy, Scott Fuller. Scott is the man behind the brand, The Studio Temporary based in Atlanta, Georgia.

We discuss the nuances of the color yellow and what it’s like to be kind of from Atlanta. He unfairly blames weight gain on pizza. We discuss how important food is for relationship-building in the beginning and celebration phases of a client relationship. We reminisce about the first coffee Scott had and his dad’s penchant for “jet fuel” like bean juice. Scott and I revel in the miracle that is grits and how to appropriately enjoy bacon. Scott digs into the marriage-level love of chicken, his hatred of beets, and so much more.

Scott’s work has an amazing familiarity to it that’s one part retro-inspired and one part modern aesthetic. This bridge between the old and new creates a fantastic look that’s truly his own. Beyond his design style, Scott is a truly benevolent human who’s an absolute pleasure to be around. It’s fabled that you can’t leave Scott’s presence without something in hand. He did not fail to live up to this stigma.

Do have a look at his portfolio and give Scott a “hey, hello” next time you’re around him!

Show Links:

The Studio Temporary Website
Dribbble / Instagram

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