Tea isn’t exactly seen as a hip, youthful drink over here in the states. Denver-based Teatulia hoped to change that by creating Tea Soda; made from tea, pureed fruit and sparkling water. Thirst Craft went straight to the source for this brand; Teatulia grows their leaves in Tetulia, Bangladesh, where they celebrate the vibrant festival of color, Holi. That festival served as the basis for the brand, borrowing its loud color palette from the bright shades of pigment thrown about during the festivities. A powder-like graphic element graces the top part of each can, again referencing the colored powders. The large, bold and crowded typography speaks to the feeling of being at a Holi event; shoulder to shoulder with those around you in a boisterous flash of color. This look, compared with the usual suspects in the tea category, is unexpected, fitting for a product that is just as unexpected.

Teatulia Tea Soda Branding & Packaging by Thirst Craft.