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Fish Club Wine Packaging by Backbone Branding

Fish Club Wine Packaging by Backbone Branding

Designed for a restaurant also branded by Backbone Branding, Fish Club Wine is Fish Club’s in-house wine brand produced exclusively to go with their offerings. Their use of unique bottle sizes, metallic paper, and intentionally grainy print gives these whimsical, wine-devouring fish a sense of mystique and intrigue. The bold, dark colors and the interactive element of pulling the fish away from the bottle doubles as a memorable moment and also a centerpiece to spark lively conversation.

Fish Club Wine by Backbone Branding.

Chia-Yu is a senior designer with an illustration problem he tries not to confront or talk about at Vigor, a restaurant & beverage branding & marketing agency. His love of strange design quirks, sci-fi creature designs, exotic foods, Asian whiskeys, and dry humor makes him equal parts weird and surprisingly adept at navigating client requests. He writes here occasionally to please his boss(es).



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