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The Holler Mixed-Use Restaurant Branding by Brand ...

The Holler Mixed-Use Restaurant Branding by Brand Bureau

The Holler is an interesting place, featuring a co-working space, a restaurant, bar, market, and area to play games. It’s meant to serve as an all-in-one local hangout, and due to it’s away camp-like retro aesthetic, seems like a fun place to stay all day. Brand Bureau drew much of their inspiration from the flora, fauna, and topography of the Ozark Mountains; much of the merch for The Holler plays on this and plays on those tropes, offering enamel mugs, embroidered patches, and vintage postcards. An interesting fact about this visual identity is that it has no true logo. Instead, it was designed as a family of fonts and designs that are different from each other but still work together, reflecting the space’s mix of functions.

The Holler Mixed-Use Restaurant Branding by Brand Bureau.

Natalie is a graphic designer, illustrator, and generally awesome person at Vigor, a restaurant & beverage branding & marketing agency . She is passionate about branding and designs that create connections between people, communities, businesses, and new ideas, and is a dedicated, hard working designer with a sunny outlook and a knack for people. She enjoys late night road trips, knitting, making people laugh, and acquiring new accents.



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