Bare & Bones Branding by Macaroni Creative

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There are few things in life that are as nourishing, warm and comforting like broth. Being one of the most ancient traditions in cooking, stock-making is a crucial and significant part of the history of food. Bare & Bones recognized this and honored it while breathing something new and contemporary to it. This brand is all about wellness, about honoring farm-to-table ingredients, food’s nutritional values and flavor. With the ultimate goal of giving the world the opportunity to eat something nourishing, healthy, and good, they went back to the origins and came to the other side with this wonderful product.

Partnered with Macaroni Creative, they faced the challenge of communicating the convenience and health benefits of the product in an engaging and straightforward way. The use of a mug as a central point of view is so clever, showing at first, how to consume the product while evocating the accessibility and comfort of a warm and nutritious cup of stock.

Bare & Bones Branding by Macaroni Creative


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