Schweppes Premium Drinks Packaging by Pharus Bright Design

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How great it is to see an old-time favorite reinvent itself and come up with something outstanding and fun? Well, that is the case for Schweppes, since 1783 they have been in the market and most of us, if not all, have either seen, heard, or tasted one of its products. We love that being a global brand it acknowledges and reinvents itself in different ways.
Things and people grow stronger and better when they are combined with others.

Pharus understood that and came up with this magnificent campaign for Schweppes Brasil that combines, juxtapose, and creates infinite layers of meaning, stories, and flavor. They are passionate about creating a new experience and to connect people not only with the brand but with each other. Recognizing that when you mix ideas and perceptions the possibilities are infinite, they came up with a set of collages that invite people to connect with flavor, moments, and other people.

Schweppes Premium Drinks Packaging by Pharus Bright Design

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