Soul Shack Branding by Turtle and Hare

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Soul Shack is one of the most unique and funky projects we’ve seen in a long time and we are digging it! Born from the deep desire of Chef Tim Longden to create a place where people could truly experience what Jamaican cuisine is really about, this place is a genuine reflection of yard cooking.
There are a few occasions where you find yourself in front of a new project and you realize “I cannot solve this in any sort of conventional way”. We believe that’s what Turtle and Hare realize when they started putting Soul Shack together. Nothing about this brand is conventional. What we love the most about this brand is how it crossed the realm of the screen and the purely graphic and it ventured into an exploration of the materials, textures and spirit of the environment surrounding it. By doing so, they discover a way of staying truthful to the nature of creole culture which is all about using everything ‘we’ have at hand to make something wonderful and comforting to the bones and the soul.
Not very often we find a brand with a real and authentic voice and soul, but this is definitely one of them.

Soul Shack Branding by Turtle and Hare


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