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Barral Liquor Branding by NOANCE Studio

Barral Liquor Branding by NOANCE Studio

It’s Friday and we are feeling fancy today and craving a beach. Barral satisfies those two wants; a liquor produced in Cape Verde Islands, this product stands in perfect balance with tradition, heritage, and culture, in conjunction with a modern and refined aesthetic.

The biggest challenge for NOANCE was to create a label and package that would stand out in a market saturated with outstanding design. They managed to do that as they found a balance between the craftiness of the product, it’s cultural and geographical relevance, and the audience’s desire for sophistication.

Barral Branding by NOANCE Studio

Maria is a designer, creative, and human currently working at Vigor where she creates amazing branding and marketing alongside her extraordinary team. After leaving her hometown Bogota, Colombia, she ventured herself to the humid lands of Atlanta, GA. Where she is growing professionally and personally. Being a type 4 on the enneagram she sees life and creativity as a way to catalyze the world's beauty and strives to create things that arouse emotions in people, or at least a giggle. In her free time, she loves being outside, creating collages, and indulging herself in art, design, and anything creative that enhances her romantic views of the world.



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