SpaceCream Branding by Allan Gomes

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In the days we are living in stress and anxiety are as common and normal as breathing, no wonder why more and more we have products like CBD oils and stress-relief supplements to help us cope with the, sometimes overwhelming, rhythm of life. This product, however, breaks all the conventions and takes a new approach to the concept of wellness. With the growing demand for CBD base products, Spacecream is the first organic and CBD infused ice cream.

The main concept for this brand was to create a new universe of both flavor and benefits. This product is a pioneer in the category and the branding reflects that. The logo is inspired by the juxtaposition of a scoop of ice cream and the icon of an alien. The rest of the creative direction revolves around the idea of outer space and the creatively invites the consumer to a playful and happy lifestyle.

SpaceCream CBD Infused Ice Cream, Branding by Allan Gomes.



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