Cama Cafe Single Origin Coffee Packaging by Lung-Hao Chiang

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Cama Cafe is a coffee franchise in Taiwan, we love it whenever we get the chance to get to know more about a culture and a brand that is so unique and big, but we weren’t aware of it. Though having an overall friendly and approachable vibe for the masses, they have created within their brand a subscription based-plan where they get to expand and refine their products and branding target to a more sophisticated audience. Still utilizing the brand’s iconic symbol, the overall feel of the subscription products is a completely different visual universe, where designer Lung-Hao Chiang has elevated the packaging and concept behind each and every product line; today we are featuring one of these, the Single Origin Coffee Selection.

Taking a more conceptual approach to coffee production, this packaging brings awareness to two main things; the uniqueness of the soil in which these different coffees grow, and it does it in a very subtle way by showing the diversity of the birds and landscapes. We love the conceptual approach of using birds, the first and ultimate bean hunters, to extend the depth, meaning, and beauty of different lands that give way to some of the best coffee beans in the world.

Cama Cafe Single Origin Coffee Packaging by Lung-Hao Chiang


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