Gift of Nature Packaging from Cama Cafe by Lung-Hao Ching

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As the world navigates circumstances that none of us have ever had to face before, like a global pandemic, every single industry has had to come up with new strategies and ways of coping and surviving. The creative industry has been no different, same as the food and beverage industry. Today, we are featuring one of our favorite package designers. Lung-Hao Chiang has been on this page a couple of times before always with his extraordinary packaging design for Cama Coffee, but this one is particularly special because he created this package with the desire of spark joy and warmth amid really challenging times for everyone. This deluxe coffee box will be part of the Moon Festival gift box released by Cama Cafe, and they hope that it would be a delightful experience even in the hard times the world is living in. With the concept of ‘gift of nature.’ Lung-Hao uses botanical illustrations that exalt the beauty and luscious abundance of nature.

Gift of Nature Packaging from Cama Cafe by Lung-Hao Ching


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