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Play Brew Co Brewery Branding + Packaging by Alpha...

Play Brew Co Brewery Branding + Packaging by Alphabet

Play Brew Co is a Middlesbrough-based craft beer brand hell-bent on producing exhilarating beer with a nostalgic twist, born from the influential culture of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. Alphabet worked with Play Brew Co on creating their first range of special release beers, taking a unique, character-driven approach with each release. Each character is illustrated taking part in a different activity inspired by the flavor profile of the suds and, more specifically, the character of the hops in each can. I love the limited, punchy color palette of each can and the simple maximalism of each can. I also greatly appreciate the consistency that went into designing each of the marketing pieces associated with each release; it’s nice to see a concept carried through across multiple channels with the same designed intent.

Play Brew Co Brewery Branding + Packaging by Alphabet.

Natalie is a graphic designer, illustrator, and generally awesome person at Vigor, a restaurant & beverage branding & marketing agency . She is passionate about branding and designs that create connections between people, communities, businesses, and new ideas, and is a dedicated, hard working designer with a sunny outlook and a knack for people. She enjoys late night road trips, knitting, making people laugh, and acquiring new accents.


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