Swoon Packaging & Branding Made In-house

As the summer starts getting to its end, we are excited fall is almost here, but still, we want to make the most out of the few weeks left of summer. You know how we all have certain products that just feel right with each season? Well, Swoon is one of those brands that even though you can have all year round it just makes sense during summer. This brand is fresh, fun, incredibly health-conscious, and more than anything it has a lot of swag, and we love it. They are straightforward and charming at the same time, celebrating life, sweetness, a good cocktail, they are there to help us all live a sweet sweet life with no regrets.

Using some 60’s psychedelic vibe for their logo with a very modern sans serif support font, this brand has elements that make it feel vintage and a little nostalgic yet at the same time it’s very contemporary and relevant. This is the kind of brand that reminds you of the ‘good old days’ only to help you realize we are living those right at this moment.

Swoon Packaging & Branding by Swoon

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