Winnica Niemczańska Wine Branding & Packaging Design by Foxtrot Studio

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Winnica Niemczańska’s bottles capture the serene landscape the winery calls home. Located on a slope of the Strzelińsk0-Niemczańskie Hills, on the bank of the Sleza River, you can see the fields and forests. In the distance, a historic brick tower, belonging to an old distillery, can be seen, jutting out from the landscape.  I love how Foxtrot Studio has honored the land with their labels. Each hill is represented with an organic layer, looking like a shard of torn paper. The hill where the twower resides is given special treatment, displayed in foil. The label also features a cut-through, which I’m assuming represents the river, showing the color of the wine/bottle through the label.

Winnica Niemczańska Wine Branding & Packaging Design by Foxtrot Studio.


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