Craft Beer Rebranded by CODO Design

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Who doesn’t love craft beer. That industry has exploded over the years with a new brewery opening on nearly every corner and every minute. #Exaggeration – despite my stretching of the truth, the craft beer world is booming and as the competition grows ever more fierce, branding and positioning becomes more important to not only survive, but also thrive.

Thriving starts with the right thinking and strong branding and there is no better starting point for a young designer or enterprising zythophile (lover of beer, duh!) than the refreshed book and workbook accompaniment by the folks at CODO Design.

Their Craft Beer Rebranded book is a comprehensive, instructional text laser-focused on how to brand and rebrand craft beer. In their words:

Craft Beer, Rebranded and its companion Workbook are a step-by-step guide to map out a winning strategy ahead of your rebrand. Building on CODO Design’s decade of brewery branding experience, this book will help you weigh your brand equity, develop your brand strategy and breathe new life into your brewery’s brand. Whether your brewery is 3 years old or 30, Craft Beer, Rebranded is your guide to attracting more fans, selling more beer and positioning your brand for the long haul.

What’s even better? This baby is designed to make your eyeballs feel good! It’s awesome. Have a quick gander below, but why not just buy a copy for yourself?

Photography by Allison Catherine Photo

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