Dodo Pizza UK restaurant branding by The Clients Agency

Dodo Pizza is Europe’s largest pizza chain. When the brand expanded into the United Kingdom, it had to launch with a visual and verbal identity that would demand attention, but that wasn’t easy. The team at The Clients Agency in Moscow, Russia was faced with a challenge: How to meld speed of service with gourmet level pizza in a way that makes sense?  Those two attributes often conflict making it difficult to tell a believable story.

What they noticed was that this brand wasn’t the only one faced with divisiveness. From football to politics, the climate of the UK was also quite tenuous and divided. This correlation to the offering sparked inspiration in the team which fueled the creative look and feel you see below.

The visual identity for Dodo Pizza UK’s marketing explores the complementary effects of opposition. Classic meets modern. Whimsical meets serious. Gourmet meets speed. With bright orange bolstered by rich black, classic typography offset by modern simplicity, the brand’s visual and verbal comms tell a story that celebrates diversity. In doing so, it brings people back to the proverbial table.

From traditional advertising like billboards and bus station ads, to more immersive engaging opportunities like the “What kind of pizza are you?” IG Stories, Dodo makes pizza hysterically fun in a way that’s believable.

Designed by The Clients Agency.

Creative direction: Aleksandr Bozhko, Ivan Dergachev
Art direction: Lidiya Kapysh
Design: Alexandra Chushkina
Copy: Ivan Dergachev, Ksenia Lazareva, Nikita Krokodilov
Illustration: Alexandra Chushkina, Michael Danilov
Motion, 3D: Alexander Zakharov
Strategy: Darya Batamirova, Aleksandr Bozhko, Ivan Dergachev
Account director: Maria Chechelova
Project manager: Helena Savina

Сlient team: Mikhail Chernyshev, Katerina Korchikova,
Ekaterina Landyreva, Simran Kaur,
Sergey Lapukhin, Lucy Farrington-Smith

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