The Bullhearted Brand Book, Now on Kickstarter!

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For nearly 20 years I have been helping restaurant brands get off the ground and propel ahead with sound brand strategy, identity design, and marketing tactics that get results. Suffice to say, I’ve learned a ton and experienced a lot. I also believe in sharing wisdom and knowledge which is the very reason for this website. And while Grits & Grids does a fantastic job of sharing inspiration and fantastic design, we do not share the strategic theories and thinking that go into building bullish restaurant brands that charge ahead of the herd. 

That’s the premise of my new book, The Bullhearted Brand. I spent the last year pulling together thinking, data, anecdotes, and examples of fantastically successful brand strategies and marketing efforts with the hope of helping underserved restaurateurs, enterprising designers, and up and coming strategists.

The book is already written and now I need to fund its publication. I’d be honored and humbled by your support, but I don’t expect it without any return. So, I’ve set up a Kickstarter that’s chock full of fun items including copies of the book from which you can choose to support at just about any level.

Dive in and learn more about The Bullhearted Brand and how you can help bring it to reality. I appreciate your help in advance!

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