Forktales Ep 12 / Di Dang & Tuyet Nhi Le / Leaders at Happy Endings Hospitality, Playful Tricksters

I’ve been enamored with the Happy Endings Hospitality company for over a year now. Not only because their restaurant brand names are fun and risqué, but because they have a dedication to their team and organization unlike any other hospitality company I’ve encountered. In this episode, we unpack why they believe in uplifting their team so much, and how they simultaneously approach the growth of each person and their company.

  • Started 10 years ago with 1 seafood restaurant.
  • They’ve grown to 6 different restaurants.
  • Di was a professional poker player until he decided to get into the restaurant world
  • Tuyet Nhi was part of the original founding team for HEHG


“The health focus has always been a part of our identity” – Tuyet Nhi


  • Inspired by Danny Meyer in the beginning. Read the book “Setting the Table”.
  • One of the themes in the book is “No matter what happens, you always write the ending”. For example, if a guest has a bad experience, you write the ending. You get the chance to make it right. 
  • Tony Hsieh – founder of Link Exchange. His book is “Delivering Happiness”. Delivering happiness to all of his customers and all of his employees. They read his book and it became a part of their culture.
  • Radical Candor is a book that all management team is required to read. 
  • Their culture is inspired by Google culture
  • Expansion plans are in the future. A big project is coming at the end of the year
  • Menu Item final meals
    • Tuyet Nhi – Roll Play pho
    • Di – Chasin’ Tails w/ Au Dang Sauce and fried basket of calamari Teas n You bubble tea
  •, @chasintailsss, @rollplaygrill, @teasnyoutea, @happyenedingseatery, @leidpoke

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