Forktales Ep 14 / Stratis Morfogen / Founder of Brooklyn Dumpling Shop & No-BS-Taker from Cyber Bullies

My conversation with Stratis was absolutely amazing from beginning to end. Not only do we uncover his vision for rejuvenating the Automat, we also broach the topic of how he handles cyber-bullies on Yelp. There’s a ton in between that you’re going to absolutely love.

  • LSD = Lobster, Steak and Duck. The Ultimate Surf n Turf.
  • Marrying Chinese Cuisine w/ an American SteakHouse was the beginning of Brooklyn Chop House. 
  • All dumplings are made to order at Brooklyn Dumpling Shop
  • Book – “Damn Good Dumplings”
  • Introduced new foods to all of his daughters in dumpling format by making them at home
  • Stratis’ dad would say 12 hours was a half day. That was his mentality with his business. 
  • Stratis’ dad would say “I can tell you how you’re running your restaurant by turning your garbage upside down.” Seeing where the waste is and seeing how inefficient your operation is.  
  • Automat – Everyone who tried to bring it back failed because the whole wall became a metal box. The automat is substituting cashiers and logistical personnel. 
  • Brooklyn Dumpling Shop was the first restaurant that has sold 140 franchises before opening store 1.
  • Robotics can help with consistency in restaurants since there’s no human error
  • Brooklyn Dumping Shop as a name as it extends out of Brooklyn – Brooklyn has a lot of cache. Brooklyn is a marketable term. 
  • Bacon Cheeseburger Dumpling would be the last dumpling he would eat before he dies.


  • “Leaning on tech, we can allow the integrity of the product to remain” -Stratis
  • “I always thought the dumpling was so fascinating to me on how it needed to re-emerge and be re-emagined” -Stratis


  • 3rd generation restaurateur
  • Grandfather was the probably first Greek restaurant owner in NY in 1910
  • 20 yrs old, left fam business and opened some restaurants on his own the last 30 years

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