Forktales Ep 19 / Bobby Shaw / COO of Sheridan’s Unforked, Host of Cutting Onions Podcast

Bobby Shaw is a man with a remarkable resume. Working for brands such as Chipotle, McDonald’s, Freebirds World Burrito and more, Bobby has amassed a fantastic treasure trove of knowledge. In this episode we talk about the challenges facing the restaurant industry today from an operations perspective, and what’s new in his world has he takes the helm of Sheridan’s Unforked.

  • Wanted to take all the lessons he learned at Chipotle to consult with restaurants
  •  He learned that he didn’t really want to be an entrepreneur long term
  • Book — Cutting Onions
    • Had been blogging for several years prior to writing this book
    • Cutting onions was a foundational core skill as a team member in Chipotle
    • The book is all about leadership lessons learned in the industry
    • Currently working on a relaunch of the book
    • Available on Amazon or any book retailer
  • Unforked – plan is to build out the rest of the Kansas City market and grow into some other markets. 


  • “I understood the value of surrounding yourself with people that were as good or better than you” -Bobby
  • “This is all about creating opportunities for people that otherwise wouldn’t exist” -Bobby
  • “When I worked for McDonald’s I really learned how to manage, and what I like to tell people is when I made that transition to Chipotle, I really learned how to lead.” -Bobby
  • “One of the things we talked about was wanting to change the way people thought about and ate fast food” -Bobby
  • “One of the things that I’ve admired about Chipotle is it was built without ever placing an ad or doing much marketing in the traditional sense because there wasn’t money for it” -Joseph
  • “It’s not operations here and marketing over here, when you talk about culture, it takes the two of them moving at the same [time], they have to be in lock step” -Bobby 
  • “I’m a big believer that anytime you teach something, you learn something” -Bobby


  • Been in the restaurant industry for entire career
  • Started career at McDonald’s working in the kitchen and worked his way up to a multi-unit leader.
  • Went to Chipotle after McDonald’s
  • Worked at Freebirds for 3 years
  • Then started his own consultancy
  • Currently at Unforked

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