Forktales Ep 24 / Eli Altman / Naming Expert on Ghost/Virtual Kitchens

Eli is a naming maverick and has manned the helm at A Hundred Monkeys, a Berkeley California based naming studio, for quite some time. I tapped his brain in this episode to talk about naming ghost kitchens and virtual brands. We dive into how the mold has been broken on the “rules” of naming and where things are going as a result.

  • Book — Run Studio, Run
  • Naming Tips
    • Look around to see what other people aren’t doing
    • Understand the field and know what’s been done
    • Be clear about what you want to put on the table and why you’re existing
  • Twitter — @elialtman


  • “The middle ground is where the bad names exist” -Eli
  • “We would rather have someone do something ridiculous and interesting and fail than try to do something completely bland” -Eli
  • “Mediocrity is driven by a desire to appease everyone simultaneously” -Eli
  • “If you spend your time trying to fit in, you’re gonna waste your budget trying to stand out” -Danny Altman
  • “You know you’ve done a really good job at strategy and absorbed it because it makes innovation feel more comfortable” -Joseph
  • “We as humans have an innate desire to want to fit into something and when you haven’t effectively defined what that something is, it becomes just fitting in” -Joseph
  • “Names are really introductions to stories” -Eli
  • The name is about getting you to the front door, beyond that, it’s about experience” -Eli

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