Chipotle’s new animated short

Last week Chipotle launched its latest animated short. This marks the fourth animation the brand has launched in an effort to reinforce its commitment to sustainability in farming and supply chain. Have a watch:

First starters, apparently the folks at Chipotle absolutely love covers of Cold Play songs. Whether it’s Willie Nelson’s cover of “Back to the Start” or this cover of “Fix You” by Kacey Musgraves.

Outside of their taste in music, these efforts showcase Chipotle’s commitment to the issues facing the various parts of how we, as humans, get food. And they ladder up to Chipotle’s beliefs in “a deep connection between how food is raised, grown, and prepared and how it tastes.”

This animation is beautifully constructed from beginning to end. It’s hard to get someone to watch content that’s this long, but Chipotle seems to have no problem doing just that. The story is visceral and emotional and it grips the viewer to go on the journey.

A gripe I have with the approach is how well this tone will resonate in todays’ climate. We, as humans of this planet, have been rocked with wave after wave of bad news. The emotional tone is primarily sadness and turmoil-emotions we have plenty of right now. Adding more can come across as just another thing to be upset about which results in this content simply seeping into the din of white noise.

Where Chipotle could really see traction is by flipping the script to positivity. Of course, the last part of story is positive and uplifting but it has the heavy-hearted undertone delivered by the beginning.

It’s easy to Monday Morning Quarterback this so I’ll leave it at that. What’s your take on it? Good, bad, indifferent? Share your commentary below!

Finally, i felt compelled to share their description and link to how you can help in Chipotle’s endeavor to cultivate better:

By supporting programs like seed grants, scholarships, and long-term contracts, Chipotle is helping the next generation of farmers overcome modern-day barriers to make it possible for them to succeed. Add your name to join the movement to help transfer 1 million acres of farmland to young farmers across the US at

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