Vigor Launches

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After months of design and development we finally launched the website for central, PA’s sport bar gods, Aroogas! The site features a robust content management system, VIM, with modules spanning ecommerce, blog, events listings and so much more.

Check out the site at

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2 Responses

  1. I ate there twice already. The first time was the Tuesday night crab leg special. The legs were cold and covered in old bay seasoning making for a lack luster experience. Not to mention the butter was cold and like jelly. Even after I asked for hot butter, it still came out cold. The second time was a flat iron steak which yet again was over seasoned and my salad came out after I was done with the main course. The service here is awful!!! If you want to hang out with your 21 year old buddies to watch a game and wait 20 minutes for a beer, then Aroogas is for you. Not a place for an after work meal, not worth the $30 !!!!

    1. Hey Joe, I hear you loud and clear. I suggest you post this on Yelp, and any other review site you can. We were so excited to be engaged by Arooga’s for work, but soon after the engagement it became clear that they really only cared about saving money at any cost. We’re all for frugality in business, but never at the expense of the food, service and brand. They didn’t and don’t care. Save a buck no matter what is their motto and it shows in their customer service, their food and, of course, their brand.

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